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Managed Woocommerce Hosting

Managed Woocommerce Hosting

How is Using Managed Woocommerce Beneficial?

Welcome! In case you are not familiar with the benefits of using Managed Woocommerce Hosting, then today is your lucky day! Through this article, I will take you through the various benefits associated with using a managed hosting service.

What does Managed Woocommerce Hosting entail?

Before everything else, let’s first understand the meaning of Managed Woocommerce Hosting. Unlike WordPress’s popular technique, Woocommerce manages, stores, and deploys.

This managed hosting technique uses an all-inclusive plan designed to meet all the requirements of your online store. Hence, developing a Woo store can be challenging. In fact, a lot needs to be done before it can be fully operational.

Before you embark on launching your store, below are certain things you must consider:

  • Social setup
  • The store’s theme & design
  • Domain setup & hosting
  • Logistics such as  creating coupons for the products among other things
  • Store management
  • Newsletters & forms
  • Payment method service provider
  • Vital plugins needed for a Woo store
  • Setup for server backup
  • Setup for server security
  • Site optimization
  • Content
  • Tracking sales & conversions appropriately
  • Creating a personalized feel
  • Developing an attractive website

Looking at the list, it is obvious that setting up a Woocommerce store is overwhelming. Nonetheless, it is a straightforward thing for a developer. That said, how do you go about creating your store if you lack such experience or skills?

Well, here is where Managed Platforms prove useful.

SHOPIFY is one of the common platforms that you might know.  Yes!   This well-known platform falls into this category. You can call it the ultimate solution for e-Commerce stores.

Basically, it uses a plug-play mode of operation. Managed hosting platforms handle all the complicated, technical stuff, relieving you from worrying about the various “logistics” involved in creating an online store. Shopify makes up a perfect representation of such platforms.

WordPress Managed Woocommerce Hosting

Here, we will focus on WordPress. Bear in mind that there exists several plans for WordPress. However, plans targeting Woocommerce users only became known recently.

Here are the Adavantages

I’ll start by taking you through some of the common ones.

The first one involves deciding which hosting package to use. Today, having a robust plan for your hosting needs is imperative. Some managed plans are available on cloud services, which is a good thing. CLOUD SERVICES are different from traditional hosting plans. They allow your web platform to operate faster.

Secondly, such services do not require you to configure all your server settings. Although developers can do this easily, it can be a daunting task for those without the appropriate expertise.

Thirdly, managed platforms do not require you to deploy a WordPress installation and set up a database. Since this can be difficult for novice users, such platforms do it on your behalf. You job is simply to log in.

Additional Merits

Using a Managed Plan to meet your hosting requirements provides ample time to focus mainly on content. In short, the plan provides you with all the capabilities to help you begin the selling process. Some of these features consist of social sharing, payment providers, core plugins, page-builder, checkout, cart features, and pop-up modules to say the least.

Site Security & Optimization

Numerous service providers offer optimization and security-based capabilities, which mainly come as plugins. Other providers develop integrated packages featuring such solutions. What’s more, they provide professional capabilities of high-quality plugins at no charge.

Search Engine Optimization Friendly

Reputable providers offer a search engine optimization- enabled platform featuring search engine optimization (SEO) configurations.

What’s My Opinion and Recommendation?

Considering what we’ve already talked about, operating such a platform comes with its benefits. Furthermore, it is an ideal option for non-developers with ambitions of owning and running an e-Commerce store.

You need expert help to set up your own online store. To achieve that, i suggest using the Woocommerce Managed Hosting Plans provided by Liquid Web.

Liquid Web Hosting Plans

Undoubtedly, you cannot talk about the most robust and oldest hosting service providers available today without mentioning Liquid Web. It recently began providing Managed Hosting Plans for Woo stores at a starting price of $39 per month.

Check out various features that you can expect to get from the provider’s hosting plans:

  • Daily Backup Processes
  • Robust CLOUD servers
  • Integrated Image & Site Optimization Solution – an awesome feature that I personally used
  • Around the clock customer support service
  • Free migration service for your website
  • Free Secure Sockets Layer Cert
  • Wholly SEO ready & friendly Woocommerce Store

Let us see how well Liquid Web’s Beginner Plan performs ($39 per month).

  • Speed

To begin with, I tested the page’s speed to see how it performs. Here is the outcome I got from Pingdom:


Still not convinced by what I saw, I decided to try GtMetrix. Here are the results:


Looking at the results, Liquid Web did a commendable job as far as the speed and optimization of the page are concerned. Let’s check out other aspects.

  • Mobile-Friendly & Responsive

After testing various themes, AL proved to be completely mobile-friendly and responded quickly to various commands.

  • Security

I tested the plan’s security by injecting it with scripts. What’s more, I crawled it for weaknesses I could take advantage of, but found none. Liquid Web deploys not only its active defense but also leverages iThemes Security Pro in securing all its plans.

  • Customizing Themes

The plan comes with various extensions including Beaver builder to help you add cool features like newsletters to your site.

  • Control Panel & Customer Support

The site’s control panel is undeniably a sleek and ingenious creation. Additionally, Liquid Web offers support using various methods of communication including:

  • Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Live Chats

Take a sneak peek into the dashboard:

In a Nutshell

I trust that the above information has provided you with an informative overview of managed hosting plans. Also, the article includes several crucial advantages associated with using such plans. Furthermore, I have conducted basic tests of one of Liquid Web’s plans to assess its reliability and performance.

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